Community is a bond formed with individuals around the area. We take pride in assisting our local communities with all of their heating and operational needs

Churches, Municipalities, Schools

We service Churches, Municipalities, and Schools with a special goal in mind. These buildings all hold their own smaller communities that should be given special attention to in order to provide them with a good growing and learning environment.

Heating Oil

Heating Oil is our most popular product and is the standard fuel for most oil heating systems. #2 Heating Oil is not subject to such a stringent refinement process as Kerosene, therefore it is suitable for storage tanks that are located indoors or sheltered from the elements, because if stored outside it has the potential to gel in colder temperatures.


We have all of the diesel products you need for your church, municipality, or school.

Gasoline & Lubricants

Large Selection of Oils, Lubricants and other Products

Southwest Fuels offers a large selection of essential servicing products at competitive prices. Many of our oils and lubricants are essential to the operation of machines and equipment used within our servicing areas.