Southwest Fuels has been serving the local residential community for over 25 years. With our same day – next day delivery service, we are there when you need us. Whether you keep your family warm with home heating oil or propane, we provide what you need at competitive prices and the best delivery service in the area.


#2 Heating Oil is our most popular product for heating oil and is the standard fuel for most oil heating systems. #2 Heating Oil is not subject to such a stringent refinement process as Kerosene, therefore it is suitable for storage tanks that are located indoors or sheltered from the elements, because if stored outside it has the potential to gel in colder temperatures.


Kerosene is a clean burning heating fuel that we provide. The quality of the fuel is derived from the refinement process in which impurities are removed. Due to this refinement process, Kerosene is superb for tanks that are free-standing outside or in a area where the tank is exposed to the elements because it resists gelling (a state when the fuel becomes so cold that it turns thick and therefore hard to pass through plumbing).